Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys - Lego Black Pearl Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys

When it comes to finding the right Christmas toys for kids you may find it pretty difficult, especially if you don't know the child that well or are not privy to his or her daily thoughts, likes and dislikes. With this in mind, if you are shopping for an 8 year old boy or around that age anyhow then this article might be able to help. Here are 3 Christmas gift ideas for 8 year old boys.

The first is LEGO. LEGO is a great toy for kids as it gives them a platform to develop their creativity as well as logical processing when they build a new structure or put together an existing one. If you haven't seen many LEGO toys recently, you will be amazed how far they have come and how responsive they are to popular culture.

The plain old blocks are pretty much gone these days as each set has a theme and in many cases build onto each other. In this respect the town series of Lego sets allow you to collect various sets and slowly build up your own little miniature town. However this LEGO kit that is aimed at 8 year old boys (and probably just as appealing to girls in fact) is the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl.

It is based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and is the ship that Jack Sparrow sails in. It has a massive 804 pieces to put together and also includes 6 mini figures. The mini figures include the main characters from the movies – Jack Sparrow himself, Will Turner, Davy Jones and a few others.

As you will see in the picture the blocks are all black, giving it a quite distinctive look. It will stand out from just about any other Lego kit you might have. Another distinctive look about this kit is that it has black fabric like sails.

The details of the ship are amazing for a Lego toy and will fascinate kids 8 years and up.     

Street Troopers Mobilized Attack Vehicle PT-808If you don't think the Lego will do the trick then how about the  Street Troopers Mobilized Attack Vehicle PT-808.

This is a remote controlled car...well mobilized attack vehicle to be precise. Kids, especially boys, love remote controlled toys and this one is right up there. It's a bit like a transformer toy and all the transforming can be done using the RC controller.

In car mode it looks like a supped up red and black racing car. Like a standard RC car, you control left, right and backwards and forwards. Kids will love just the racing part of this as the car responds well to the controls and you can race your buddies who may have a similar Street Troopers vehicle.

However when you push the transform button on the controller, the car will change into a Red robot with six attack rocket launchers on it. Once transformed, you can fire the rockets at your imaginary target.

Press the button again and the robot will return to it's car form and you can carry on racing. Kids will love this extra feature – it almost out Transforms the Transformers toys !

The final toy for boys 8 years and a little old is that old favorite the Ripstik Caster Board. This is a high tech skateboard that allows you to mimic the way you might ride a surf board or even a snowboard.

The Ripstick is designed so that the front and back ends of the board are independent of each other. They are attached via a central steel pivot that allows each section to move independently of the other. So when in the standing position on the board, if you twist your legs from side to side, much like you do when riding a surfboard or snowboard, you cause the Ripstick to move. You can even make it go up hills.

Christmas Gift Ideas For 8 Year Old Boys - Ripstick

Looking at it, you would think it might be hard to balance on but the secret is in getting some speed and motion going. Once you have the speed, it's like you are carving up some powder snow of a mountain slope. Great fun for kids and even kids at heart.